Teashop: A well know trade mark (Under License and Supervision of Teashop Ltd. UK). Its products reached different countries, and has a wide assortment of products with are featured by the quality and premium taste, which fit the requirements and expectations of many countries and continents.


Aseel : It is the trademark which contains the YCIC oldest most spread and sold products in Yemeni markets. Its products are featured by originality of taste which does not change with time. Further, its products have very old history and heritage.



Lojine :Considered as the latest trademark, It was inaugurated at the end of 2007. It is a project for an assortment of products which are featured by the spread of happiness, enjoyment and entertainment within the surroundings and families.


We produce some of our products (Biscuits, wafers, Cakes& Cookies and Sweet) under this brand.