Marketing & Sales
The company has developed this department in excellent manner, which made it as a competitive advantage and becomes one of the most successful supply chains between the company, distribution channels, the markets, and end consumers. However, this strength made an easy way to react at glances towards the markets changes, globalization, and market feedback.


Research & Customer Relationship
Our strategy is not limited to just fulfilling our consumers’ needs and wants. It’s the ethics of Acquiring and Retaining loyal Profitable customers, and changing Values and Expectations in to real Experiences, in order of creating a long time values with consumers. Consumer’s expectation and fulfillments, and the flow of information are the core responsibilities for the company, for providing  the unspoken needs of customers, which are making  products with added values, or testing markets with new or redeveloped products, analyzing the market reaction, and evaluating customer’s satisfaction. However, it’s the direct way of hearing from consumer’s complaints, for providing better services.