YCIC implements various quality control meausures through departments fully equiped

with instruments to meausure quality at every stage of development and ending with delivering highest quality goods to all valued customers around the world.

QUALITY ASSURANCE SECTION: This section assures the smooth and safe flow of the supply chain of raw materials, finished goods, production operations, warehousing and transportation. provision of quality of confectionary products at the stage of developing and implementing is based on establishing the requirements of raw materials, semi-finished products and ready products and performing the validation of control methods (the procedure affirming confidence that the methods meet the established criteria) by the labratories of quality control services. In addition we also make visits to our client's warehouses and retail locations to ensure shelf life validation.

LABRATORIES SECTION: An important link in the quality management system of the all factories is the labratory control for raw material analysis and microbiological testing. it provides all round monitoring of the parameters of raw materials, ready products and conditions of technological processes carried out to meet the accepted standards (CODEX, GULF Region).

FOOD HYGIENE: Ensuring ingredients are wholesome, pure and unadulterated is a major requirement at YCIC. In March 2005, the company obtained HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Contro Point) and its considered the first company in this sector in Yemen to have applied it. This comprises of a number of stringent checks by independent food technologists and auditors. They assess every stage of food production, from initial sourcing of ingredients to finished packaging. This includes reviewing the quality, purity, carrying periodical medical tests for the employees, hygiene and segregation methods of productionequipment at factory sites.