HSA Group proved its supremacy in the supplement industry and national economy run national , destitute .

Cross- Sham Readers Sheikh / Kareem Rajeh for great satisfaction when he saw in Yemen of a great industry , and the forces of creative unions , and sincere in their work .. This came during a visit by the delegation accompanying him to the headquarters of Yemen Company for Industry and Commerce (1 June 2013 ) on the sidelines hosted by the charity for HSA & Co. at a ceremony honoring the batch ( 21) to keep the Koran .

He praised Sheikh readers Sham developments taking place in the group , noting that this development proof of intent good and benevolent , which is built on the basis of this group, and proved its superiority in supplying the national economy, industry and employment national , and expressed his delight at his visit to the province of Taiz Company and the YCIC in particular.

He wished the members of the visiting delegation at the conclusion of their visit to Yemen and Yemeni excellence and success , stability and progress and access to homeland Mafany goodness and righteousness .

The delegation was accompanied on his visit to Brother firm / Mohammed Abdul-Wase'e formidable Said - the charity 's director general for HSA and Associates.